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Refrigerator Repairs

Compressors, internal components, thermostats and seals are the common faults we find and know how to repair or replace with minimal disruption to you.  Items are sourced from leading suppliers and ordered once you are happy with our repair price. - Get your 10% Off

Refrigerator Repairs

We are a busy and professional company, yet we always make sure our customers are satisfied and in the know when it comes to repairs, costs and maintenance of their refrigerators. Our experience allows us to work quickly without compromising quality.

Get 10% Off

Apex offer a special 10% discount on the labor element of your bill, when you complete your details on our repair request form. Click here to fill it out today. 

Common Refrigerator Issues

“A shelf is broken.  Are you able repair or replace it?” We'll certainly take a look, but it may be better to replace it which we can also help you with.
“The lights have stopped working.” This should be a simple bulb change or sensor modification, or a switch may need to be replaced.
“It's making a loud noise, but not all the time.” Get in touch and we'll come over. It may be a simple fix, but we would rather check to keep you safe.
“The door will not shut properly.” The obvious this is to check obstruction on the shelves and on the floor, if it is free of blocking items, we can make a visit as it may be a bracket or hinge issue.
“Food & drink is not cold after being in there a while.” Check the door is closing properly, check the temperature dials are to manufacturer settings and if you are still unsure, call us as it may be a component fault.
“I’ve noticed a leak coming from underneath.” Contact us and we'll let you know how quickly we'll be with you.  This could be damaging to your house and yet a simple fix.

Refrigerator Repair Services

Apex Appliance Service have extensive experience and knowledge of refrigerator repairs and maintenance, we are fully insured and work on a local basis throughout the Metro Atlanta area which makes us a local company who you can trust for reliable and safe services. To see what customers think of us, visit our customer ratings pages below:

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