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Dishwasher Repair Services

Our engineers are often called about basic problems which we can resolve over the phone, however on occasion, dishwashers cause an urgent response request due to leaks and flooding.  If you notice something, get in touch as soon as you can. - Get your 10% Off

Dishwasher Repairs

Our approach to dishwasher repairs is simple, find the problem, find the solution, provide a price, perform the repair.  We are honest, hardworking and provide a professional service to every customer because we value repeat business and references.

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Apex Appliance offer a special 10% discount on the labor element of your bill, when you complete your details on our repair request form. Click here to fill it out today.

Common Dishwasher Repair Requests

"I set the system but it doesn't run." There are occasions where the system controls fail. There could be a simple fix, but it may need a new control unit.
"There is a load of water in the bottom." It sound like a blockage. Get some unblock solution from the store and follow the instructions, if that doesn't work call us.
"It smells real bad." Similar to above, go to the store, buy some solution for cleaning your dishwasher and if that fails to clear the smell, call us.
"My dishes are not getting clean." There could be several reasons for this, good and bad. Run a cleaning solution through the machine, if you have done that already or it is still the same call us.
"The shelf is broken." Get in touch, we'll identify the problem and provide a fix, or find the componets you need. 
"The door will not close." Check at the bottom of the machine for obstructions and that the shelves are going all the way back. If nothing is obstructing it call us.
"The dishes are not as hot as they used to be." Call us as this could be a problem with the thermo unit.
"I have a leak." Contact us ASAP.  Dishwashers can cause significant damage if left.

Dishwasher Repair Company

Apex Appliance Service have extensive experience and knowledge of dishwasher repair issues and maintenance, we are fully insured and work on a local basis throughout the Metro Atlanta area which makes us a local company who you can trust for reliable and safe services.  To see what customers think of us, visit our customer ratings pages below:

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