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Appliance Repair Types

We have provided a list of appliance repair services offered by Apex Appliance Service, to help you find understand our capabilities and confirm that we are the right company to help with your issues.  If your particular requirement is not here, please call us on (404) 579-0064 to discuss it, it is most likely that we have not included it because it is a unique or special appliance problem.

Washer Repairs

Washer Repairs & Maintenance - Washer Repairs

Popular Washing Machine Complaints:
Does not cycle | Door will not open | Does not spin | Does not drain | Does not get hot | Seems to be blocked | Makes a loud noise | Smells bad.

Don't keep going to the cleaners when you have a machine that needs a basic repair.  Very often washing machine repairs are simple, quick and cheaper that you may think.  We promise to diagnose and provide costs for repairs before carrying them out, so you have the choice before the bill arrives. - Get your 10% Off  Washer repairs in Duluth are one of our most popular! 

Dryer Repair Services

Dryer Repair - Electric & Gas - Dryer Repair Services

Popular Dryer Complaints:
It will not start | Clothes do not dry | Makes a loud noise | The door is broken | The dryer needs connecting.

We are able to diagnose, source parts, replace faulty items, fix components, test dryers and give you peace of mind that your machine is ready for action again.  Price-Before-Work promise applies. - Get your 10% Off

Refrigerator Repairs

Refrigerator Repairs - Refrigerator Repairs

Common Refrigerator Issues:
A shelf is broken | The light(s) do not work | It's making a loud noise | The door will not shut properly | Food & drink is not cold | It is leaking fluid.

Compressors, internal components, thermostats and seals are the common faults we find and know how to repair or replace with minimal disruption to you.  Items are sourced from leading suppliers and ordered once you are happy with our repair price. - Get your 10% Off

Freezer Repairs

Freezer Repairs

Common Freezer Complaints:
It's making a loud noise | It is leaking a fluid | The dispensing unit is not working | The inside is full of ice | There seems to be a smell coming from the Freezer | It's plugged in but not working.

Experience with freezer appliances is a really benefit which we retain through years of specialist training and experience.  Component sourcing and replacement are common, so we will provide a price before committing to the work. - Get your 10% Off

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Appliance Repairs - Dishwasher Repairs

Dishwasher Problems:
It is not powering up | I set the system but it doesn't run | There is a load of water in the bottom | It smells real bad | My dishes are not getting clean | The shelf is broken | The door will not close | The dishes are not as hot as they used to be | I have a leak.

Our engineers are often called about basic problems which we can resolve over the phone, however on occasion, dishwashers cause an urgent response request due to leaks and flooding.  If you notice something, get in touch as soon as you can. - Get your 10% Off

Oven Repairs Services

Gas Oven Repairs

Oven and Hob Problems:
The igniter is not working | The gas is not coming out | The flame is really small | The shelf has broken | There is a strange noise coming from the oven | Lots of heat is coming from the door | The fan has stopped working.

Particular care is taken when working with gas and gas appliances.  We will attempt to diagnose before visiting to ensure our most experienced and trained technician is available, where they will make safe, replace, fix or schedule for a return visit. - Get your 10% Off


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